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Our committee is made up solely of player parent volunteers who each put their hand up to better there club and community through choosing a committee position to hold for two years. Our committee meets monthly to continue to move our club forward and deal with any issues that arise in a positive manner.

Our club is administered in two departments, our basketball department that focus on developing the kid’s basketball skills, on court manner and build all members into team oriented players. The administration department works on continuing to build our club off the court, ensuring good relationships with all members, parents, community and league.

Please see below for a structure map of our committee, please click on the committee roll to read that positions role description.


Executive Committee


Anthony Neaves 0421 865 895

Vice President

Andrew Ferguson 0487777553


Glenn Featherstonhaugh 0423 358 403


Jenny Cooper 0421 169 807

Administrative Operations


Glen Featherstonhaugh

Uniform Co-Ordinator

Andrew Ferguson | 0487 777 553

Web Administrator

Andrew Ferguson

Basketball Operations

Boys Co-Ordinator

Dearne Isbester | 0419 769 421

KMDBA Delegate

Sharon Stivey 0405 049 623