Mooroolbark Flashes Miniball


Miniball is the introductory competition for very young players, currently set at U7s for both boys and girls. Players aged 5-6 compete in this age group, but the players are allowed some leeway with travelling and double dribbling so that they get to give it a go without getting discouraged. Shooting goals can still be challenging for many players at this age, but they all develop ball skills, passing skills and an understanding of defense which gives them a head start on players who don’t start until they are older. There are some costs involved in joining a miniball team, but there is no registration fee payable to Flashes for the first season. There will be a small fee of $10 to Kilsyth Basketball who run the competitions, and an annual fee of $29 payable to Basketball Victoria which covers insurances and other services to basketball. Our uniforms are $97.50 for a reversible singlet and shorts set. Miniball to U12s all use a smaller size 5 basketball which assists their ability to develop skills at this age.

Little Lightning Squad

We also run an introductory basketball program called the Little Lightning Squad. This program is designed to give players a taste of basketball without the formality of playing actual games where there is the need for uniforms, referees and scoreboards, which some kids can find intimidating. We have several qualified and experienced coaches involved in this program, and everyone involved has a lot of fun. Players aged 4-9 are welcome to join these groups. There is a small fee of $30 per term to cover our costs in running this program.

If you are interested in your child joining one of our miniball teams, please contact our miniball coordinator at
If you are interested in your child joining our Little Lightning Squad in Term 1, 2024, please follow the registration link: Little Lightning Registration.